Thursday, 27 May 2010

Just a crackilackin' illustration fo' you asses.

This was for my 'don't panic' project, it was hand rendered then photocopied onto brown paper. if you're lucky perhaps i'll dig up that version and post that aswell. The project focused on phobias and i chose fear of social interaction, because we all know how shy i am. Hope you can see where i was coming from with it, and let me know what you think sil vout plais.

Another day, another post.

Basically i finally bothered to convert my photography final's to jpeg from psd. they were taking too long for my impatient mentality to comprehend so i'll add them in bite-size pieces ;). please tell me what you think, thanks.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

persistent, aren't i?

posting more photo's

I'm too cool. And these photo's feature some college hombres, they came out ok. Getting the hang of this photography jazz. The photo's with the easels on are focusing on them not Hamish in front of them.

Few more film photo's

Due to the sheer age of my camera, the photo's come away with a green tint. i think it adds a nice effect to the photo's in a weird way. however trying to capture some things can prove impossible due to this, and my camera's somewhat displeasing ability to focus to the best of it's no doubt once impeccable ability. Praktica ltl 3, google it bitches ;)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Just some holiday photo's, but i like them nevertheless :)

More to follow in a few moments.

Digital photo's of my homeboy

More don't panic:

Don't panic poster.

This is my poster for the 'don't panic' project. It's ok i guess, not too keen on the background. I'll try to get the rest of the work for the project along with any other work i've done that i liked at some point. but please let me know what you think of anything i do post :)

random photo's

just some photo's i've taken. it was on a trip to london.

Welcome To blogging mr.Tottie

So, i've gone 17 years of my life without really using myspace, attempting to use a blackberry or creating a blog. One of those three things can now be crossed off the list.
However in my short but prosperous life i have attempted to live underwater by sticking a hose through my living room window, played an awful lot of rugby and drawn an awful lot. Among other things i shall no doubt inform you of in my hopefully successful attempt to blog.
i'll post some of my graphics work at some point, if i get around to it. Enjoy :)