Sunday, 25 September 2011

Life in lincoln

Well freshers week was sick, But very expensive... so £££ much on art stuff alongside other, err.. liquids that aren't paint/inks. The original line drawing to this was done with a 'rotring art pen' I was apprehensive but i can safely say it is pretty rad (it'd want to be for it's price) i bought a tattoo reference book and thought why not? so i did a few little traditional designs of my own, hopefully you can see my style coming through. The next 6 weeks of my illustration course in lincoln will consist of a lot of life drawing, so there may be some very different looking images fighting their way onto your screens shortly (as if people read my drivel). i'll try to keep posting stuff in my style too though. Lastly an update on the sailor and lumberjack: hopefully gonna do a series of ginger bearded workmen (and women?!?) onto canvas. I feel like a pretentious douche for saying it but 'watch this space'

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  1. Bec sent me the link to this! i love it!! really like the last few youv posted! hope your enjoying uni!